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Please Read Carefully Important Policy Information below By placing an order you agree to have read our policies below and understand them. So Please Read

        Where are you located?
           We are located in Elizabeth, New Jersey 

  • What is your price  range?
Our  prices  are base on cake servings  Our minimum is $22o for a simple  two tier cake
3D cakes or intricated cakes start at $250 base on  30 to 40 ppl  (all our specialty cakes are made in fondant.) 
Roxana's signature butter cream cakes  Chocolate ,Vanilla or Redvelvet  are available for $45.00 ( 9" Round) 
Give us a call , Email us ,our come to  the  shop to place an order with our profecional staff.

 Do you Deliver?
  • We offer delivery to most places we service. Call for cost and availability of delivery. 

  • We do not Offer Samples (except for weddings orders) We are currently offering
  • personal consultations for Brides. A consultation charge applies. Call to ask about availability and cost of personal consultation

 Once its determined that the date is available. You will be required to place a non refundable deposit. This deposit will be in the amount of 50% of the total cost of your order including delivery charges and any other cost that apply. In order to have a date saved in our order book. The deposit will have to be received. No less than 50% deposit. No deposit  No saved date. We serve on a first come first serve basis . We are limited in the amount of orders we accept. We reserve the right to close our book and reject any order for any reason. The balance will be due. Two weeks prior to the event. Sending money will not constitute a commitment or contract of any kind . We reserve the right to return your deposit money in full at anytime and cancel your order. We will confirm all orders via email or phone  or both. Once we receive your order we will confirm the time of event ,date of event,and any other details. Should you want to make any changes to the order in any way prior to the event. We reserve the right to make the  changes,Continue with the original design as agreed or return your full deposit and cancel the order. Refunds will be given the form they where received. Example credit card payments will be returned to the credit card.Cash will be returned in certified check ( Money Orders) Minus any cost to us. In the event that the date of  the event is changed. We may change the date if available. Or issue you a credit for another cake of  the same value for the next available date. within 3 months. In the event that the date is not available in the 3 month period. It will be to our discretion to extend the period. If no extension is given the deposit then become ours and  we can not be held responsible for any further action. If you are given a 3 month credit extension and you miss the date. We will not offer any other extension or refunds.   By Placing and order you have read and agreed to the above terms

  • How far in advance  should I reserve my cakes?
It is preferable to reserve it  six months in advance for weddings. For birthdays cakes or other events , you can place your order 5   weeks before the event.  Last minute order are sometimes available but are not the norm. so please plan ahead.  By Placing and order you have read and agreed to the above terms

  • How do I Pay? We do not accept checks of any kind
  • We recommend using our online payment method. Offered above on this page.
  • Cash is still accepted here in the pick up. Please bring exact change as we do not have cash on hand here.By Placing and order you have read and agreed to the above terms

  • Security and terms on items rented or loan.
Securities  payments are required on all rented item. Items are to returned in condition received. Damaged items will forfeit payment and may require additional replacement costs.  All  rented items are property of Roxana's Cakes . Deposits  are non refundable.
By Placing and order you have read and agreed to the above terms

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